A Professorial Appeal

prof and geoffI think you’ll agree with me, Gentle Reader, that well-stocked libraries are vital to the type of civilization in which we want to live.  No one can know what may be the trigger that fosters the love of reading in a young person.  And books enrich one’s life in infinite and eternal ways.

Sadly, some evil-doer walked into the library in Sussex, England and stole every single graphic novel they had.prof mikeMy friend, Paul Alborough, also known as international recording star and pioneer of chap hop Professor Elemental, has recorded an appeal for donations to restock the looted shelves.  And if you have any books that you are able to donate, you can help.  His video has all the info you will need.

If you’re new to the party and would like to discover the amazing Professor, head over to his website.  In addition to his ground-breaking and delightful music, he always has ideas for small things you can do to make the world a better place.  Right now he has links to donate for training support dogs for folks who need them.prof chapsThanks for your time.

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