regarding me…

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“Bears are forest puppies, and i don’t want to hear another word about it.”

“A mysterious yet alluring American journalist.”-Professor Elemental, Britian’s premiere Chap Hop artist, and international recording star. 

i’m debbie matthews. i live in Durham, NC, and write food columns for both The Henderson Daily Dispatch, in Henderson NC, and The Sanford Herald.  

Every Saturday The Daily Dispatch also runs another column of mine.  This piece appears on the front page and is an essay, hopefully humorous, with no set topic. The Sanford paper runs it as well, but on Sunday.

Lately, i’ve also begun writing for IndyWeek, an independent newspaper in the triangle. They’ll appear every now & then on no set schedule, so head over to the Indy, and check the food section.

i’ve been married to Petey since the invention of movable type.  We have one child, The Kid, a graduate of the New England Culinary Institute, and my kitchen co-conspirator.

My posts are pretty much anything shiny that pops into my head…or makes me weep for humanity…or makes me wanna smack somebody.  

i usually add the new columns on Tuesdays.

Thanks for your time.


Home sweet home, the best small city in America.  Where all are welcome and everyone is encouraged to let their freak flag fly.



2 thoughts on “regarding me…

  1. Debbie,enjoyed the last 2 articles. I have no hidden talents but I do count things without thinking …like going up or down steps or when I walking etc but I lose count. Maybe it’s being 83! Miss you, still taking the am Herald but Wed is no longer interesting tho did tear out 1 recipe yesterday. Hope you 3 are doing well. Blessings, Ernie


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