Would you rather #1

This week I’ve tried something new.

I wrote fifteen food-related “Would you rather?” questions.  Then I contacted some local chefs and asked them to play.

First up is Chef Amy Tornquist, of Watts Grocery (1116 Broad St, Durham), and Hummingbird Bakery (721 Broad St, Durham).  What follows are the questions and her answers, verbatim.

Chef Amy-Okay, to start, we are big fans of the “would you rather” game at our house.

1.) Would you rather eat fast food every day for a year, or never eat mushrooms again? I love mushrooms. Last winter, our chef de cuisine Theresa had a dish of sautéed mushrooms with kale and flounder that was amazing. But I really hate fast food. Oh, so very much. I hate the salt, the ickiness, the lack of care, and the fact that all your money goes to some giant company God knows where. So I would have to give up mushrooms

2.) Would you rather give up eating pork forever or never cook with butter again? So I started out as a baker. I would miss bacon something fierce but I am consoled by the wonderful southern vegetables that really benefit from a touch of butter. So, goodbye pork, hello butter

Chef Amy knows from Southern veggies.

3.) Would you rather lose your sense of taste or smell? Okay, I confess that these are almost one sense to me. My sense of smell so informs my sense of taste. But I can say that losing your sense of taste sucks. I have been on an icky antibiotic off and on for a few months for a terrible infection. And it removed my whole mid palate. I am finally back able to drink coffee, and enjoy Full-bodied foods. So have to lose the smell.

4.) Would you rather have a nut allergy or egg allergy? I would rather have a nut allergy. Eggs are a part of so, so, so many things, I don’t think I could stand it.

5.) Would you rather never bake again, or never fry? The thought of no fried okra or oysters again is sad. But, as I said above, I come from a baking background. So I’d have to say no to frying.

6.) Would you rather eat creme brule or candy bars? Wow–Finally an easy one. Creme brûlée. Duh.

I love creme brulee, but up against chocolate? That’s Sophie’s choice.

7.) Would you rather use only frozen fish sticks or instant grits? Okay, so both are awful. But I think you can both work with instant grits and jazz them up. And there is no helping a fish stick.

8.) Would you rather give up pasta or potatoes? I have kids. And we eat a lot of pasta. But, that being said, I feel like the range of uses and preparations make the potato the item I would keep.

9.) Would you rather smell like Limburger cheese or durian fruit? Easy. Limburger. Have you ever seen Andrew Zimmern try to eat a durian? Yeah, stinky cheese any day.

10.) Eating alone–would you rather read or watch TV? I would rather watch TV because I only pay half a mind to it at best anyway.

11.) Would you rather never have mayo again or mustard; to eat and cook?  Dukes mayo is a keeper. Sorry mustard.

12.) Would you rather give up beer or donuts?  Hmmm. I would like to think I’m hipster enough to say beer. But in all honesty, I don’t drink that much beer. So donuts it is!

13.) Would you rather become a vegetarian, or only eat processed meat? Does bacon count as a processed meat? Or are we talking purely spam-like stuff. And is it only processed meat? Like not veggies. Or is it that the only meat eaten is processed? So, if only items eaten are meat processed, then I’d be a vegetarian. If bacon counted as a processed meat and you could eat other stuff, then I’d do that.  Chef, bacon counts, and you can eat other stuff-debbie

 14.) Would you rather give up your favorite food, or never try anything new again? I am not sure I have a favorite food so I would like to keep eating new things.

15.) Would you rather cook for the president, or chefs?  I would love to meet the president. But I’m not sure how fun he is as an eater. And chefs are a blast to cook for— grateful, fun, appreciative, interested.

Chefs ain’t right, but they’re alright.

Thanks for your time.

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