Two New Enterprises

Gentle Reader,

Since the matthews family band has been on lockdown at two different addresses, we’ve had a whole lot of time on our hands. And after I crocheted enough face mask ear guards for most of the ICU nurses at UNC and quite a few medical staff at Duke, I still had that time, and crocheted some more.

But no matter the weather, I’m still a true blue Dukie.

Then I discovered face mask chains; decorative chains to which you clip your mask and wear around your neck to keep it close at hand. After I made a couple for me and The Kid (Petey wears a gaiter), I kept going.

One of my creations–each one is unique, no two are alike.

Then The Kid began sewing masks, and kept sewing.

With Petey acting as house photographer, we all decided to pool our abilities and open an Etsy store. It’s called, shockingly, Matthews Family Band.

You are cordially invited to visit.

The Kid’s Plague Doctor

Our not quite right child has also opened a solo shop. The shelves in this emporium have hand-made curios that are equal parts dark and humorous. Its name is, E A Poe’s Oddities.

The Kid has asked me to extend to you, Gentle Reader, an invitation. Please come by to be impressed or disturbed (or possibly both) by my child.

Thanks for your time.